Why Use a Push Mower?

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Push Mowers and Manual Cylinder Mowers

Whether your looking for a new lawn mower as a gardening enthusiast, or as someone who views cutting the grass as an unfortunate weekend chore, we can suggest the right push lawn mower for you.

These hand mowers are based on a traditional style, using cylinder blades which provide a close cut and achieve a great looking lawn in small-medium sized gardens.

In fact, manual or push Mowers have many advantages over more conventional mowers. As they have no engine or electrics, there is very little maintenance, no petrol or electricity bills and no cables or wires to worry about. They tend to be lighter, quieter and require less space to store. The latest models are not the hard manual labour that your grandparents might remember! And as they are cylinder mowers they are better for your grass, giving a cleaner cut. Click here for a full range of benefits.

For those that are interested we have a brief history of the cylinder mower, which effectively replaced the scythe when it was patented in the early 19th Century.

Why Use a Push Mower?

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